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To obtain further information
on becoming a Pylon Sponsor, a Granite Bench Sponsor, a Flagpole Sponsor, or Granite Paver Sponsor, please call (252) 441-6584.


The Monument to a Century of Flight and an endowment for its perpetual care are funded through a combination of public and private sponorships and donations. Sponsorship opportunities are available at several levels.

Icarus International, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization. Sponsorships and donations for the Monument to a Century of Flight are tax deductible.

Pylon Sponsor
$20,000 - $100,000

Recognition on Granite Tablet at Base of Sponsored Pylon

Press Release with Picture

Click on the pylon number to view a PDF of the design.
(Download Adobe® Reader® for free at www.adobe.com)
Pylon #     Sponsor
1 10 feet $20,000 East Carolina Bank
2 10 feet $20,000 Private Donation
3 10 feet $20,000 Wings
4 10 feet $20,000 Wachovia Bank
5 10 feet $20,000 Rogallo Foundation
6 10 feet $20,000 RBC Centura honoring the Tuskegee Airmen
7 10 feet $20,000 First Flight Society
8 10 feet $20,000 Town of Kitty Hawk
9 10.5 feet $25,000 Association of Flight Attendants
10 12 feet $35,000 Available
11 14 feet $45,000 Available
12 16 feet $60,000 Foundation for Coast Guard History
13 18 feet $80,000 Available
14 20 feet $100,000 Citizens of Dare County

Granite Bench Sponsor
$15,000 – 3 available

Recognition on Granite Bench at Site of Monument*

Press Release with Picture

* Each granite bench can have as many as three sponsors. Each sponsor would provide an equal share of the $15,000 donation.

Flagpole Sponsor

Recognition of Granite Tablet at Base of Flag

Press Release with Picture

Granite Paver Sponsor
$10,000 – limited sponsorships available

Paver Block, 12"x24", with Sponsor's Logo and/or Message and Aviation Dedication

Block will be Located in the 120 ft. Orbit between Pylons

Press Release with Picture

Granite Paver Sponsor
$5,000 – limited sponsorships available

Paved Block, 8"x24", with Sponsor's Logo and/or Message

Block will be Placed in Monument Courtyard**

** A Granite Paver Sponsor can request that related $100 engraved bricks be grouped around the Paver.

Engraved Brick Sponsor

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